• Thugz D'Ruggish ft Jae Sosa - Look Back
  • Jae Sosa - If I had - See No Equal: Volume 1
  • Thugz D'Ruggish - Im A Hustla - See No Equal: Volume 1
  • Jae Sosa x Jeneye - Branded - Gemstone

Top picks.

As its the first month, we've doubled up on everything!

As promised we have new music in the #SNEGANG vault. The beginning of the month saw the release of a new song entitled 'Everything changes' from thugz aswell as adding the 27 track Grime n Punishment mixtape to the archives. 15 days later and were back to top up the vault with 2 more songs: 

No1 was there for us featuring Lyrical & CJ (Archives)


Minute of Mine (Vault)


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