The last few weeks, at least from the outside, might have seemed quiet over here at See No Equal. However, you would be wrong to assume we have taken our foot off the gas, underneath this sea of tranquillity, we have been hard at work, gearing up for a new era at See No Equal. Now at this time were keeping our cards close to our chest. Nonetheless, today I can give you a few precious drops of information to quench your thirst until the big picture is revealed.


SNE Online continues to be a resounding success, with artists and listeners from around the world locked in, each and every week, Due to the phenomenal success of the station, we plan on expanding the schedule to 7 days a week. To mark this remarkable milestone, the SNE Online Jumper is now available:



One more aspect of the company that we will be focusing on in the coming months will be live shows, with more information coming in the next few weeks.


In other news, a big shout out to legendary Hip-Hop group Onyx is in order, just a few weeks back !ll Blacka linked up with them on the Manchester stop of their world tour. Fair to say Sticky Fingaz and Fredro Starr showed nothing but love to the empire and could be seen rocking SNE clothing at a multitude of venues across the globe, to add to this Sticky Fingaz himself received the last of our limited edition #Streets2thastudio jackets that were released in conjunction with !ll Blacka’s (then known as Thugz D’ruggish) independently released album. Take a look at a few of posts from the ONYX/100MAD 2016 world tour below:



#cuzo #kiev #ukraine 2016 #lightup #SNE

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Ночь встречами полна. В моей правой руке изделие из камня "оникс", которое подарил Друг, а рядом "друзей сосчитаю на пальцах, закончив на среднем" ... они купили не какуе-то там квартиру в Киеве, а целый гос-рест. комплекс. Назвали в честь Меня. Добро пожаловать и слушать мои песни 24 часа в сутки. Шучу Когда все спокойно и без лишних,обещал еще в прошлый раз, что встретимся но уже все будет по другому. Так и случилось. Кстати обложку моего альбома оценили и Утвердили #mikkifingaz #rap #hiphop #stickyfingaz #fredrostarr #onyx #godfathers #livinglegends #godoftheunderground #stone #shutemdown #Kiev #kyiv #ukraine #рэп #хипхоп #киев #украина #оникс #друзья #зависть #thawest #ритмовар #ИССЛ

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New Items are continually being added to the store with the previously mentioned SNE ONLINE jumper available in Black/White and Tracksuits available in black/grey: 




New ranges are being added regularly so keep an eye out for a brand new kids and accessories line coming in the near future. Lastly the I’m a hustler hats have been discounted to £10 offering a staggering 50% discount.


These products are now on sale in the SNE Store where you can place your order.


An exciting few months lie ahead as See No Equal continues to diversify and as you can see now see things aren’t always how they seem.