As of may 1st, we will be introducing a new service here at

SNE has been going strong since 2012, continuously building and learning along the way. One thing that has helped us keep going is the loyal fanbase that has over time become the foundation of what we do. The hundreds of people worldwide who tune in every week to listen to #SNEONLINE, the people who see me on the street and stop to ask me ‘whats the music sayin?’ or ‘How’s the business goin?’. The people who order their SNE merchandise directly from the store and rock it with pride, or even share our music videos online just because it means so much to them… And especially, the people who inbox me from time to time just to let me know how much I have inspired them to do something great with their lives. To me, these are the people that make up #SNEGANG.


For the last few years I’ve wanted to create a community space for these people and give them access to something that not everybody has. Something that allows my supporters to contact me directly and converse about upcoming music, which songs should or shouldn’t be included in certain projects. A chance for me to get feedback on my music before its even released. For this reason I created the #SNEGANG page.

This page breaks down into 3 main areas:


The vault.


This is a space where fans of my music can join a community of other fans and collectively vote on unreleased music months in advance of any projects to come, there will also be projects released exclusively to this community as well as archived songs that were never released to the public, making this an opportunity to revisit my history as an artist. This is a subscription based service which will support a constant release of music on the 1st & 15th of each month, with vault passes being sold at a low price of £2.99 per month.




This area is where fans can join me live at specific SNE based events, for example recording sessions, random QnA’s, Listening parties and much more. There is also the opportunity to watch videos that are exclusive only to members with a backstage or vault pass, including music videos interviews and beatmaking sessions. Backstage passes will go on sale a week before each event for a one time price of £1 per event.


Discount codes.


As thanks to all of my members I will be selecting people at random to receive dope merch giveaways (This includes signed cd’s released well in advance). For this reason it’s important that you:

  1. Have an account set up on the sne store (this account is separate to your snegang account, it may be easier to use the same details though, to save confusion).
  2. Have your address stored in your account (This way, if you are chosen there is no hassle, we can send the merch directly to you).

As well as this, I will be releasing new discount codes on the 1st of every month, offering various discounts on different items from the SNE store.

This section is available free to all registered members.


All this, (plus some stuff I may have forgotten) will be available as of May 1st. When this happens fans will have access to my whole Grime n punishment cd from 2010 which was taken down shortly after the release, and a brand new solo tune that I also produced, it’s called everything changes and I think it’s the perfect song to kick off this new experience. You can also keep an eye on the vault schedule to see what’s to follow in the coming weeks. However if you aren’t already, make sure your following me on Instagram for official reminders..


See you there!