Yukmouth, of the legendary duo Luniz speaks exclusively with our heavy hitters out in buffalo NY.

If you’re a true hip hop head that HASN’T been living under a rock then you will most definitely have heard the nostalgic classic ‘I got five on it’ by Luniz.

The group, formed of two Oakland natives, Yukmouth & Numskull have had such success with this hit alone that it will have relevance in all hip hop debates long after we’re gone, with the single going platinum in 1995 as well as the album it was featured on, ‘Operation Stackola’ going platinum not too long after.


So why are we telling you this?


Well it has now been confirmed that Yukmouth will be speaking to Rebel radio 716 exclusively on #SNEONLINE. This is guaranteed to be a dope interview from a man with such a rich history in what is unarguably the best generation of our favourite genre.

However there’s still big things going on, and it’s clear that these two are more than the song which they are initially known for. Yukmouth will be joining us fresh off the release of part one of his two-part album which you can order here. He will also be telling us about his new book and his upcoming movie which isn’t something you want to miss. Part two of the album which is titled ‘JJBasedOnAVillStory’ is due to drop in the next few weeks.

The song ‘Ill’ a VERY dope track which was taken from part one has already had the visual treatment, check out the video below:




For those of you that HAVE been living under a rock, you can watch ‘I got five on it’ below:


And lets not forget that this song had inspired ‘5ive’ by Thugz SNE. Do you think his remake does the original song justice?




Tune in to rebel radio next week on #SNEONLINE for the all exclusive interview.