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Sovereign Tugz.... I love to make music and I hate writing Bio's.....

I came in this game as a rapper and quickly realised that independent is the only way I wanna do this. I've had a hustlers mentality for as long as I can remember so the resilience, patience and work ethic needed to pave my own way in this industry came naturally to me.

My journey has been one of constant self reflection and continuous growth. This would explain how I've gone through all my previous stage names... Anyone who has been a fan since day one would have seen this growth first hand, but as we grow we learn, we figure out what our values are and apply them to our everyday life... These values are what build our character.

Once I really clarified what my values were, I realised how limiting the wrong name or image can be to an artist musically (over 10 years late but better late than never, right?). This made me really think, I knew exactly who I was as a person and the range of things I want to talk about in my music and so, to make a long story shorter... I chose Sovereign Tugz as the name to really represent me and my art. Lemme break it down..



This represents my independent nature, as a man that is in full control of his own life and lives by his own rules.


That unfuckwidable energy... Always finding a way to make it happen and keep moving forward... I can't be stopped, and I will forever be that guy.

If im in the studio you can guarantee I'm in my element, I love the recording and production process, and not just for my own work. Alot of times I've found that I gained more fullfillment helping somebody else create their best work and sharing my knowledge with others that are as passionate about their craft as I am. Because of this you might see releases on here that at first glance might look like they have nothing to do with me but behind the scenes I might have mixed & mastered the whole thing, produced the beats, sequenced the project etc... or all of the above.

I started this career with intentions just to rap, but my passion for the business and culture as a whole has constantly built on my D.I.Y mentality. Over the years I have evolved to a music producer (which isn't the same thing as a beatmaker, but being a beatmaker is part of my role as a producer) that just happens to be one of the coldest lyricists in the game. Lyrically, I like to be very authentic in my rhymes. I draw content from my own life experiences: past, present and future.

I cant stress the importance of making any listeners aware that some of these experiences are just that... My past.

But anyway I feel like Im finally at a point where my foundation is ready and I can dive head first in to music mode. So take a look around the site, check out the music and the merch and follow me on any streaming platforms to really support the movement thats about to kick the door of the hinges!

Don't say I didn't warn ya!

One final note

Message me through the contact form to book studio time with me. But before you do, make sure you check out the FAQ's to answer any questions you might have.