Welcome to my beat page.

A one-stop shop for all Instrumentals, film-scores & soundtracks produced by Sovereign Tugz.

Everything from the premium section is available exclusively on a first come first served basis and comes with stems included. Anything from the free section is available free to use but is limited to the first 250 customers. 

You will need an account to get hold of the beats but this won't take long to create. Once you have an account you can select any beat and receive it instantly after purchase.

To protect my product, premium previews may include tags, dropouts and noise not included in the actual production.

Current offer

Purchase any premium instrumental and I will master the finished song.

Song must be sent before June 1st 2023 for mastering via my engineears profile

(Offer expires March 1st 2023)


Premium Showreels

  1. Confessions
    C# minor | 175bpm | A reflective piano based soundtrack
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  2. Sovereign madness
    Dminor | 131bpm | An ominous rap instrumental with a nostalgic UK essence 
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  3. Double 6 riddim
    Dminor | 82bpm | An powerful and suspenseful rap instrumental  
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**Free to use**

  1. Song cry
    F minor | 110 bpm
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  2. Madting Sadting
    C# Minor | 98 bpm
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  3. Gunshot circus
    E Minor | 107 bpm
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  4. Money talks
    A# Minor | 134 bpm
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  5. Legend
    A minor | 90 bpm
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  6. Red light slippin
    E Minor | 80 bpm
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  7. Step up
    E Minor | 96 bpm
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  8. Rule the world
    A Minor | 97 bpm
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  9. Winners circle
    G Major | 89 bpm
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  10. Eternity
    A Major | 114 bpm
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  11. Everything changes
    C Minor | 85 bpm
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  12. Oblivion5
    A Minor | 90 bpm
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