Rewarding your loyalty

Rewarding your loyalty

Here at SNE theres nothing we value more than loyalty, after all it is one of the core principles of OG STATUS. So theres a few ways that we like to reward you, our most loyal fans for supporting us. Firstly lets speak about our stores loyalty system:

Our Loyalty system

We value your custom and to say thank you for each purchase you make with us we have implemented a loyalty system which will reward you with points based on the value of your purchase. These points can then be traded in to vouchers which you can use to get yourself a discount on chosen products. If you choose to save up enough points, items can be paid for in full using just loyalty points.

How it works.

When you select a product, we will tell you how many points you will earn with this purchase. Points aren't marked as confirmed until your order has been signed for on delivery. You can check on the status of your points in the my accounts section. If an order is cancelled or refunded any points awarded from that order will also be cancelled.

To cash in your loyalty points just head over to "MY LOYALTY POINTS" in the my account section. There you can see any points that have been earned, cancelled, converted and spent. If you have any points that have been earned but not converted you will have the option to convert those points into a voucher which you can use at the checkout. 

** Once converted you cannot undo this process and your points will go back to zero.**

How much are my points worth?

Points are calculated based on the total price of each purchase. For every £10 you are rewarded 1 loyalty point with each point holding the value of 50p.

An example of this would be a purchase for £20 would earn you £1 worth of points.

Please note that points can not be divided, meaning an order of £10 will earn you 1points, an order of £11 will earn you 1 points, an order of £20 will earn you 2 points but an order of £9 will not earn you any. Points are calculated for the total cart price excluding shipping.

What can I buy with my points?

Currently loyalty points aren't limited to any specific categories and can be used to purchase any item, although we reserve the right to change this at any time.


Just for signing up..

As well as rewarding our fans with loyalty points we occasionally like to give products away. This could be something that has already been released, something yet to be released, tickets to a show or anything else we feel like you as a fan would appreciate. This comes at no cost to you BUT THERE IS A CATCH...

In order to be eligible for any giveaways we need two things from you:

1) You must be a recipient of our newsletter. You can make sure of this when you register your account or in the "My Personal Information" area of the "My Account" section.

2) All "Additional Information" in the "My Account" section must be completed. This helps us get to know you better and send you things you actually enjoy.

As long as these two conditions are met, your account will be included in any future giveaways.

Our biggest fan

Our store allows us to see who our "Biggest Fan" is, this is based on social media activity and activity in our store. We can see who's really supporting our releases, who is reposting our stuff on Instagram, who is posting pics and videos wearing/using our products or listening to our music. With all of these things taken into consideration it then becomes easy to see who our biggest fan is. If thats you then you might find yourself getting a few surprises!