Im a man who is always paying attention to the direction the music business is headed, and these observations have made it clear to me that the current model for an independent artist is to be payed in peanuts and be thankful for that, while the major platforms are filling their belly from my contributions.

Any one that knows me should already know that you cant take more than your fair share off my plate and expect me to be good with it. Yes, the streaming platforms are another door to a new audience, but as an independent artist I won't sell myself short, I believe we all need to value ourselves better as artists and not accept any less!

This is why my current business model is based around Bandcamp. These guys share a lot of values that I champion regarding the music industry and the importance of the creators in this field. For example, throughout this whole Scamdemic, Bandcamp have waived their fees in support of the creators. This blew my mind, none of these other platforms would even pretend to give a fuck about us as artists, because they know we won't walk away from the table. Not me. I have no problem walking away from the table.

Bandcamp ensures that they only take their fair cut, and they have all the features needed for me to look after my listeners. As an artist I can set my price and keep my majority share. Meaning one song will get me £3 for example where as on these platforms, I would have to gain over 2000 streams just to earn that (rough numbers, not facts... D.Y.O.R). To me it's a no brainer. To you it might seem like your being asked to pay more for my music, but this is why I am only speaking to my true core fanbase, those who stick around for the journey because they believe in me. This is also an opportunity for me to know who my core fanbase is, and interact with them on a personal level and give back to them as a show of gratitude.

There are different tiers available all with different benefits. But one thing will be for certain across all tiers. My music will be hitting Bandcamp before it goes anywhere else. This gives my supporters the respect of being first to get these releases. But for my casual listeners this doesn't mean you no longer have access to my music, they will all reach the the streaming platforms eventually, but they won't be prioritised in the same way as Bandcamp.

So for this reason, I'm asking you if you are a true fan of my music, follow me on Bandcamp, join the community and witness the journey first hand.