Where is the studio?

Newhampton Arts Centre

Dunkley Street


WV1  4AN

How much is studio time?

£25 per hour. (minimum of 2 hours. Sessions aren't confirmed until a £10 deposit is received)

Is mixing and mastering included?

Mixing is included in the session depending on how much time is available. If there is not enough time for a finished mix then additional sessions will need to be booked (one hour sessions are available for this). Mastering must be booked as it's own session. You don't have to be present for these sessions but you it's recommended that you are here for the mixing session.

What times are available?

You can book any slot between 10am and 11pm (depending on availability. Times are limited to 10am-4pm during lockdown)

Do you record bands?

Yes, we have the space and equipment to accommodate most bands/group sessions

Is there parking available?

Yes (depending on availability)

What else can I do at the studio?

We have rehearsal spaces available, and I am also doing one-to-one production classes based on Logic, Ableton (And FL studio coming soon). This is for those who want to learn production from the basics, upwards. Or if you just want help finishing your own production.

How can I book a session?

You can get in touch using the contact form. This will come straight through to my phone and I'll hit you back as soon as possible.